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How to add Rate Codes in the Rate Wizard

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A new code field has been added to Rate Plans to better facilitate communication with our offering of interfaces. The immediate effect on the properties will be the need to enter a Rate Code when adding a new or editing an existing Rate Plan. For the implementation of these codes with our integrations, we will be doing a staggered release to each integration and our Support Team will be reaching out to the properties as each integration is converting.

Creating Rate Plan with Rate Code

System Configuration => Rate Wizard => +:

Requirements on Rate Code:

  • Rate Code is a required field 
  • Length: 3-9 characters
  • Only letters and numbers (no special characters)
  • Must be unique across Rate Plans

When a Rate Plan is created in Rate Wizard, the system will automatically build individual Rate Plans for each channel; the same will be done for Rate Codes:

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