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How to Reopen a Closed Rate

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In this article we will learn how to Reopen and existing Rate Plan that is presently "Closed".

System Configuration -> Rate Wizard. Select the rate where the Close restriction that you wish to lift is located (ensure it is highlighted in blue) and select the Next button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

In the General Tab, the first step, if there are any Room Types that you do NOT wish to be affected by this change, then you must uncheck the Lock the Grid box located to the right of your screen and then uncheck the boxes next to any Room Types that you do not wish to be affected by the change you are about to make. If all Room Types are to be affected, skip this step.

Next, select the date(s) where you wish to lift the Close restriction and then check the box next to "Open Closed Rate".

Uncheck any Rate Types (ie: Direct Hotel/CRS/GDS/Hotel Website) that you do not want this restriction to affect and then select SAVE to save changes.

A box will appear confirming that you are making a change to the "Close" area (as you are Opening a Closed Rate), select OK to continue.

If this rate is a MASTER RATE (ie: it has other rates tiered off of it) a message will appear to notify you that all rates tiered off this rate will update as well. Select YES to continue.

Next, proceed to the Rate Calendar tab to verify the change occurred. Use the Room Type & Rate Type drop down menu to locate an applicable Room Type & Rate Type that was affected by the change (in this case Hotel Website) Look at the calendar below and the rate for the date(s) with the Closed Restriction, it would appear in a yellow box so therefore, with the restriction lifted, the date/rate should now appear in a white box.

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