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Rate Template Tiering Report

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This report will show how rate plans are tiered in the Rate Wizard.

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How to Access the Rate Template Tiering Report from the Rate Wizard

In the Rate Wizard

  1. Select the Next button
  2. In the General tab, select the Print Rate Reports button
  3. In the Rate Reports popup window, enable the Rate Template Tiering radio button

Example of the Rate Template Tiering Report

Tier Level 1 rate plan will appear first, then each dependent or tiered rate will appear below the rate plan it is tiered off of. For each tiered rate (Tier Level 2, 3, etc.), this report will indicate the following:

  • Rate Tiering Calculation Formula
  • How the rate tiering is applied by stating YES or NO next to each tiering option (Rates, Closed/Closed to Arrival, Length of Stay Restrictions, NTS)
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