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Yield Management History

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The following article explains how to view a history of changes made to Yield Management for a specific Room Type and Rate Plan in the PMS.

Viewing Yield Management History

Proceed to Operations > Yield Management.

Choose the appropriate Rate Grouping (Rate Categories or Room Types) of the Yield Management to be viewed.

Viewing Yield Management History
  • Select the “+” sign next to the appropriate Rate Category (or Room Type) and select the desired Rate to view (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the correct Rate)
  • Click the History of Changes button

The History of Changes report will open.

The columns of the report are as follows:

  • Date – Date when yielding was setup
  • Date From – Date yielding begins
  • Date To – Date yielding ends
  • Direction – notes if the yielding is ascending or descending
  • Is Amount – if dollar amount this column will say “Yes”, if percentage it will say “No”
  • Max Value – Max value yielding can go to if direction is “Ascending”
  • User – the user who setup the Yielding
  • Last Column (with Blank header) – the yielding that was setup. (26, 50, 10) means 26% occupancy to 50% occupancy to increase/decrease by 10 (% or $)
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