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Rate Wizard Related Reports

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In this article we will show some of the Rate Wizard related reports available to you.

Choose any Rate Plan

System Configuration > Rate Wizard.

Select the Next button located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  

Note: To print these reports, any rate can be selected.

Choose any Rate Plan

Select Print Rate Reports

Select to the Print Rate Reports Button.

Select Print Rate Reports

Select your Report

The following menu will be displayed. There are 4 report options:

  • Rate Templates
  • Rate Template Tiering
  • GDS Rate Linkings
  • Rate Plan Audit
Select your Report

1. Rate Templates Report

The Rate Templates Report shows the Rate Templates, as well as the following information. You can choose to display this info for all rates, or for specifically selected rates:

  • If the Rate is Active or Inactive
  • Rate Types that the rate is setup on (ie: Hotel Direct/GDS/CRS/Hotel Website)
  • Min/Max Person Settings
  • Min/Max Length of Stay Settings
  • Tiering that is Setup on Rate (if applicable)
  • Client Types where the Rate is attached
  • Corporate Accounts where the Rate is attached
1. Rate Templates Report

2. Rate Template Tiering Report

The Rate Template Tiering Report shows you how all the rates within your Rate Wizard are tiered off one another. You can see that there can be several levels of tiering. Here you can see the tiered % or amount and if the tiering affects Rates, Closed/Closed to Arrivals and/or Length of Stay Restrictions.

2. Rate Template Tiering Report

3. GDS Rate Linking

This report only applies to properties that have a GDS Interface. This report displays what Rate Plans you have linked between your GDS provider and RoomkeyPMS.

If there are rates linked on this list that you know to be Inactive on your GDS, please inform RoomkeyPMS Support ([email protected]) so that we may unlink the Rates.

If there are rates missing on this list that you know to be Active on your GDS, please inform RoomkeyPMS Support ([email protected]) so that we me link the Rates.

In order to link the Rates, please provide us with the following information:

  • GDS PMS Code (ie: LDC)
  • Corresponding RoomKey Rate Plan (ie: Orbitz)
  • Corresponding RoomKey Client Type (ie: GDS Third Party)
  • Corresponding RoomKey Corporate Account – only if applicable (ie: Orbitz)

4. Rate Plan Audit

The Rate Plan Audit report will display distribution channels grouped by room type, for each rate plan in the Rate Wizard. When accessing the report, you have the ability to Hide Empty Rate Plans and/or Export to CSV.

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