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How to attach a Rate to a Client Type

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This article describes the steps required to attach a Rate Plan to a Client Type

Attaching Rates to a Client Type

Rates can be attached to a Client Type either via the Rate Wizard or via the Client Type Module. This article reviews how to attach a Rate via the Rate Wizard, which is the recommended method.

Choose Rate Plan

After a Rate is created, it can be attached to a Client Type directly through the Rate Wizard (System Configuration > Rate Wizard).

  1. Select the desired Rate Plan (ensure it is highlighted in blue)
  2. Click the Modify button below (the one with the notepad icon)
Choose Rate Plan

Client Types tab

Proceed to the Client Types tab. A list of the different Rate Types (ie: Hotel Direct, CRS, Hotel Website, GDS) that have been selected for this rate will appear.

Client Types tab

Attaching Client Types

To view a list of available Client Types, select the + sign next to the Rate Type to expand the list. Place a check-mark in the box next to the desired Client Type. As a Best Practice, it is recommended that only one Client Type per Rate Type be selected. In the below example, the Best Available Rate has been attached to the Leisure Client Type for the Hotel Direct Rate Type.

Continue to attach the Rate Plan to the associated Client Type under each Rate Type.  It is important to consider the function of the Client Type that the rate is being attached to, as that will affect how the rate can be booked.

NOTE: It is not always necessary to attach Corporate and Group Rate Plans to Corporate and Group Client Types. Instead, the Rate Plan may be attached to a Corporate Profile under the Corporates tab, or a Group under the Groups tab.  By doing either, the Rate Plan will automatically be associated with the correct Client Type when bookings come in.  For example, by attaching a Rate Plan to a Corporate Profile, the PMS will automatically assume that any reservations made with that Corporate Profile will need to be made under the Corporate Client Type.  Similarly, a Group Rate Plan is automatically associated with a Group Client Type when it is attached to the Group using the Group Wizard. Again, the PMS will assume any reservations made for the group will automatically be made under the Group Client Type.

Attaching Client Types

Hotel Website Rate Type

When a Rate Plan is intended to be sold online using the eRes Mobile Booking Engine, it will need to be attached to the Online Booking Client Type under the Hotel Website Rate Type.  By default, all reservations made via the eRes Mobile Booking Engine will come in under the Online Booking Client Type ONLY. Because of this, the Rate should not be attached to any other Client Types listed under the Hotel Website Rate Type.

NOTE: The Corporate Online Booking Client Type is only used when a Promo Code has been attached to a Corporate Profile, and is being entered through the eRes Mobile Booking Engine to book a specific Corporate Rate online. When the code is used online to book a Corporate Rate, the reservation will flow through the Corporate Online Booking Client Type to the PMS. This Client Type does not need to be manually selected, as the PMS will automatically use it when needed.

Hotel Website Rate Type

Once all applicable Client Types have been selected for each Rate Type, click on the Update button to save the changes.

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