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How to Copy Rate Yielding

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The following article explains how to copy Rate Yield Parameters from one rate to another.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Copying Rate Yields only works with rates yielded by Rate Category.

Copying Rate Yielding allows the yielding parameters from one Rate Plan to be copied and applied to other Rate Plans, within the same Rate Category.

Go to Operations > Yield Management.

In the below example, the Island Locals Rate Category has 6 Rates but only 1 of these rates is Yielded (# of Yielded Rates column). We wish to apply the yielding that is in place to the other 5 rates within this Rate Category.

Highlight the Island Locals Rates Rate Category (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the correct name) and click View Rate Yields.

Here we see the yielding is setup on the OVK Room Type.

Click Copy Rate Yields

A box will appear listing all the rates under the selected Rate Category. Place a check next to the rates where the Yielding Parameters are to be applied.

Once all applicable rates have been selected, click Update.

A message will be displayed, advising that copying will delete any other yielding that may have been setup on other rates.

Select Yes to continue.

Another message will display saying All Updates Processed Successfully.

Click Close.

All the select rates now have the Yielding Parameters applied.

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