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Report Viewer in Version 9.0+

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There are two different types of reports in RoomKeyPMS and most easily identified by the menu options:


Quick Report Menu Options

  1. Page View Options: Zoom to Fit, Zoom to Width, 100% Size, and Zoom % Options
  2. Page Navigation
  3. Find Text
  4. Copy Page to Clipboard - allows user to paste the current page on the document as an image
  5. Printer Options and Print
  6. Load from file and Save as


Fast Report Menu Options

  1. Print, Open, Save As
  2. Print to PDF
  3. Find
  4. Page View Options: Zoom in, View %, Zoom out
  5. Full Screen View
  6. Report Outline - Not Applicable to RoomKeyPMS Reports
  7. Thumbnails
  8. Page Settings
  9. Edit Report - this option allows you to change the field names specifically for this time that you are printing or saving, the system does not save the edit for the next time the report is run with new parameters
  10. Page Navigation
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