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Daily Operating Report


The Daily Operating Report as default shows all Room Revenue as well as Room Statistics. This report has been created so that properties can create a customized version that contains the Room Revenue and Room Statistics, but also displays a breakdown of other revenues that are important by department, such as Food and Beverage, Ski Revenue and Golf Revenue. Month to Date and Year to Date numbers are provided. This report can be printed for any selected day in the past.

Reports > Statistics > Daily Operating Report

The report includes:

  • Room Revenue
  • Other Revenue
  • Room Statistics
Reports > Statistics > Daily Operating Report

This report allows grouping of “Other Revenue” transaction codes by using DOR Transaction Code Set-up (Reports > Statistics > Daily Operating Report > TranCode Setup).

  1. To create a grouping select Add
  2. Input a Grouping Name and the Sort Order number (this will determine the order that it will appear on your report)
  3. Click OK
  4. Next, select the Transaction Codes to be tracked under this Grouping Name. Use the <-Add button to move them over to the Name column.
  5. Click OK

Repeat process until all desired groupings are created.

Now when printing the Daily Operating Report, the groupings that were created will appear under the Other Revenue section.

When would I use this report?

  • This report can be used to see how much revenue is being generated by different areas of the property.
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