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Rate Audit Report


The Rate Audit report was designed to help properties audit their Rate Plan setup and help identify missing or miss-matching configuration.

Running the Report

Report can be accessed in two areas:

  1. Reports => Rate Reports => Rate Audit
  2. System Configuration => Rate Wizard => select a Rate Plan => click Next => Print Rate Reports button:

Use Case 1: Missing Rate Codes

In this example, the *Best Available Rate has both the Template Rate Code and Rate Plan Rate Code setup but on the Company Rate Plan, the Template Rate Code and Rate Plan Rate Codes are missing:

Use Case 2: Missing Channels

In this example, the *Best Available Rate has 4 of 4 Channels setup but the AAA Rate only has 3 of 4 Channels setup; in this case, it is missing the CRS Channel Rate Plan:

Use Case 3: Missing Room Types

In this example, the *Best Available Rate is setup on Room Type PSTE but the AAA Rate is not setup on the PSTE:

Use Case 4: Rate Wizard Rate Plans vs Rates Area Rate Plans

There are two areas to create Rate Plans in RoomKeyPMS but as a best practice, all Rate Plan should be created and managed in the Rate Wizard area:

  1. System Configuration => Rate Wizard **Preferred Method**
  2. System Configuration => Rates

At the bottom of the report, is a section of Rate Plans that were created using the old Rates area instead of the preferred Rate Wizard method:

  • Berry/Jensen Wedding Rate - this Rate Plan is Inactive and the property has no plans of using Rate Plan in future; this could be left in old Rates Area
  • Ouellet Rate - being that this is an Active Rate Plan, the property should use the Rate Wizard Import Tool to convert the Rate Plans over to Rate Wizard (for more information on the Rate Wizard Import: CLICK HERE)

Using CSV

Saving the report as a CSV and opening in Excel will be useful in two ways:

  1. For properties with a large amount of Rate Plans, the report could be hundreds of pages long
  2. When working with third party integrations that need Rate Plans setup in the system for the purposes of "mapping" the csv could be sent to these partners

Using Excel Filter

Microsoft Excel has the option of Filters => as an example, the Filter could be used to only show Active Rate Plans:

Using Excel Sort

Microsoft Excel has the option of Sort => as an example, the Sort could be used to audit Rate Plans on a specific Room Type:

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