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Shift Reconciliation


The Shift Reconciliation Report shows a summary of all the Payment transactions preformed by a clerk on a selected date.

Reports > Cashier > Shift Reconciliation

The report includes:

  • Clerk Name
  • Payment Type
  • Count
  • Total
  • Payment Totals
  • Shit Actual
  • Over/Short
  • Total Cash Deposits
  • Clerk Signature
Reports > Cashier > Shift Reconciliation

When would I use this report?

  • Used to help a clerk reconcile the payments taken at the end of their shift. The total number of credit card slips should match the “count” and the total amount of the credit cards slips should match the Total.
  • Used to ensure that float balances at the end of the clerks shift
  • This report should be printed, filled out & signed by the clerk and then deposited into the safe along with the money that the clerk will be submitting to accounting at the end of their shift.
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