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Why Some Activity is Unrelated to the Current Reservation

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The following article explains why some activity shown in the Activity Log may not be related to the current reservation.

When the Book box is checked during the reservation process, the PMS creates an associated Res ID.

If this reservation is canceled before being completed, the assigned Res ID is "released", and will be reused for the next reservation that is made.

In the below example, a new reservation was made, this time for a JKS-K room on a Friends & Family rate. Note that the Res ID is the same as in the previous example above. Since that reservation was abandoned before being completed, the Res ID was reused on the new reservation below.

Activity Log

When viewing the Activity Log for Res ID 2790, it shows both the first, abandoned reservation, as well as the second, completed reservation.

Activity Log

Review of the first entry 21-Apr-2016 12:06PM Create/Modify Res (1) shows a reservation was started for April 21st, 1 night in a S2D Room, on the Best Available Rate of $225.

Notice how this does not correlate with the actual completed reservation below.

Review of the second entry 21-Apr-2016 12:07PM Create/Modify Res (1) shows that the reservation was started again, but this time the reservation was made April 21st for 1 night in a JKS-K room, on the Friends & Family rate of $150.00.

The two reservations were not related in any way, however because the PMS remembers reservation details from abandoned reservations, their information is appended to the activity of the next reservation using that same Res ID number. This information can be ignored as it does not pertain to the new reservation.

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