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Attaching a Tag to a Group in the Tag Manager

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The following article explains how to associate a Tag with specific Group blocks using the Tag Manager.

Search by Date Range

Proceed to Operations > Tag Manager, and click on the Groups tab.

On the right side under Available Groups will be all the currently active groups between the dates displayed in the Date From and Date To fields. (By default, the Date From will be the current date, and the Date To will be one year forward from that date).

NOTE: If the date range is changed, only active groups during the new date range will display in the Available Groups window.

Search by Date Range

Another option to locate a specific group is to use the Group Name Search feature.

  • Check the Search box (note the Date From and Date To become grayed out)
  • Enter the Group Name (full or partial name can be used)
  • Click Search

The results of the search will be displayed in the Available Groups window below.

Group Name Search

Attaching the Groups

Once the desired Group(s) have been found:

  1. Select the desired Tag (ensure the black arrow is pointed at the correct tag)
  2. Select the desired group(s) from the Available Groups by clicking on them (must be done one group at a time)
  3. Click the green arrow to move them to the Attached Groups list
  4. Once all desired groups have been added to the Attached Groups list, Click Post to save
Attaching the Groups

Once complete, all groups associated with the selected Tag should display under Attached Groups.

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