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GDS Rate Linkings Report


The GDS Rate Linkings Report report was designed to help properties audit their Rate Plan setup and help identify missing or mis-matching configuration to GDS channels.

GDS channels are third party channels such as Synxis, Siteminder, Windsurfer, Travelclick/iHotelier, quick connect & Expedia quick connect.

Proceed to Reports -> Rate reports -> GDS Rate Linkings -> Print

The report will show the GDS Channel in the header, followed by each RoomKey room type.  Under each room type heading is the current mapping for each rate attached to that room type. 

GDS Rate: The GDS rate code mapped to the RoomKey Rate - this should match the one that has been set up in your GDS channel

RoomKey Rate: The name of the rate plan in RoomKey mapped to the GDS rate

Client Type: The client type attached to the mapping. This needs to have either an independent or corporate function. For more information on functions please see  Functions of Client Type 

Corporate Account: The corporate account attached to the mapped rate. If the client type selected on the rate has a 'corporate' function, it MUST also have an attached corporate account

Derived: If 'No' is selected, RoomKey is sending up rates for this plan to the GDS channel. If 'Yes' is selected, the rate is not being sent from RoomKey (this may be the case if you are tiering off other rates in your GDS channel). 

Making changes to GDS mapping

If you require updates to mapping please complete & return the relevant mapping form to [email protected] The mapping form for each channel is located below. 

If you see any discrepancies or are having issues with GDS mapping  and are unsure how to rectify them, please contact RoomKey support for assistance. 

Although mapping is generally completed by our support team, there is the ability for you to map your own rates. This requires some initial set up and time with yourself and a trainer at a cost. Please reach out to our inside sales representative, Margaux - [email protected] for further information. 

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