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Reservations by Check-in Date


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This report shows a list of reservations for any given day based on the Date In (arrival date). This report also indicates any deposits that were placed on the guestrooms prior to arrival. NOTE: Maximum range for report is 31 days

Once a reservation has been checked in it will no longer appear on this report as this report pulls its information based on the status of the reservation. For rooms to appear on this report their status must be “Reservation”.

This report sorts by Date In (arrival date) and then by Res ID.

The report includes:

  • Res ID
  • Room Type
  • Rate Code
  • Rate
  • Guest Name
  • Type (Client Type)
  • Source (Source of Business)
  • Reservation Date
  • Date In (Arrival Date)
  • Date Out (Departure Date)
  • Deposit
  • Room #

When would I use this report?

  • Used to verify any reservations that do not have room numbers assigned
  • Used to identify deposits that were placed on guest accounts
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