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No Show Report


This report shows a list of reservations with a current room status of No Show.

NOTE: The report does not generate PAST date No Shows. Once No Shows have been dealt with, the reservations should be cancelled, and therefore removed from No Show status.

Reports > Audits > No Show Report

This report is sorted based on arrival date.

The report includes:

  • Res ID
  • Room Type
  • Rate Code
  • Rate
  • Guest Name
  • Type (Client Type)
  • Source (Source of Business)
  • Res. Date
  • Date In (arrival date)
  • Date Out (departure date)
  • Deposit
  • Room #

When would I use this report?

  • Used to identify guests that did not arrive for their reservation. Report should be saved or printed prior to dealing with No Shows, in case it should need to be referred to in the future. As No Shows are dealt with (ie: cancelled, checked in prior to roll-over time, or arrival date changed) they will be removed from this report.
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