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Attaching a Tag to a Wholesale Account in the Wholesaler Module


The following article reviews how to attach a Tag to a Wholesaler Account using the Wholesaler module (as opposed to the Tag Manager).

To attach a Tag to a specific Wholesaler, proceed to Operations > Wholesaler.

  • Click Add to create a new Wholesaler

  • Click Modify to edit an existing Wholesaler
  • Use the Tag drop down menu to select an existing Tag

After selecting the Tag, click Post in the lower right-hand corner.

Creating a New Tag

If the desired tag does not appear in the list, and a new Tag needs to be created, click on the binoculars icon to next to the Tag box. This will open the Tag Manager, where a new tag can be created.

Creating a New Tag

To add a new Tag:

  •    Click Add
  •    Enter the Tag Name
  •    Click Post

When done, close out of the Tag Manager, and return to the Wholesaler Module.

  •    Click on the Tag drop down menu, and select the newly created Tag
  •    Click Post to save
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