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Attaching a Tag to a Corporate Account in the Tag Manager


The following article reviews how to associate a Tag with a Corporate Account using the Tag Manager.

Proceed to Operations > Tag Manager, and click on the Corporates tab.

All active Corporate Accounts will appear on the right under Available Corporates.

  1. Select the desired Tag under the Name column (ensure the black arrow is pointed at the correct tag)
  2. Select the desired Corporate Account under the Available Corporates list (ensure the black arrow is pointed at the correct Corporate Account)
  3. Click the green arrow to move the Corporate Account onto the Tag
  4. Click Post to save

NOTE: If attaching more than one Account to the tag, repeat steps 2-3 before clicking Post.

Once the Corporate Account(s) have been successfully added to the tag, they will appear under the Attached Corporates list on the left.

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