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How to View Activity by a Clerk for a Selected Date

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The following article explains how to view changes made to a reservation by a specific individual on a specific date.

The Activity Log can be used to see what activity a clerk has done on a specific date within the PMS. This activity could include: creating reservations, modifying reservations, posting charges, posting payments, reversals, cancellations, and much more.

To see the Activity that a clerk has done for a specific date, proceed to Operations > Activity Log.

  • Select the Date the activity occurred
  • Select the desired User's activity to view
  • Click Show

In the example below, all the activity performed by RSI ADMIN on April 20th, 2016 can be viewed.

The Res ID’s that correspond with the various activity preformed by this clerk can be seen in the right hand column.

To view detailed information for an event, under the Parameters column, click the + sign to expand it. This will display activity for the corresponding Res ID.

The below example shows that Res ID 1762 was created on April 20th at 2:29pm. The reservation is for 2 adults for 2 nights, arriving April 20th. The Best Available Rate was booked at a rate of $350/night, and room type selected was OVK.


If many changes have been made, the Activity Log can become lengthy, and it may be difficult to compare all the changes. In this case, use the Print option to print out the changes and review side by side.


The printout will show all information for each event in the Activity Log  

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