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Arrival and No Shows After Rollover Period

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Rollover Warning Message

Once the Rollover time passes you will no longer be able to check a reservation in from the No Shows screen. If you try, you will be given the following message:

Rollover Warning Message

Checking in an Arrival after the Rollover Period

To deal with this situation, you must first change the Reservation. The first example we will look at, is Mr. Dunmire whose reservation was made for 2 nights; double click the name, or click on the Change Res button:

Checking in an Arrival after the Rollover Period

Un-check the Book box:

Change the Arrival Date to Today’s Date:

Shorten the number of Nights by 1. In this example we are changing a 2 night stay to a 1 night stay. Once done, click Refresh.

Re-check the Book box, then click OK to complete the reservation.

From this point you would follow the regular check in process, from the Arrival screen.

Posting the first night's Room & Tax

Once you have the guest checked in the last step would be to manually post last night’s Room and Tax.

  1. Click on the Post Charges button
  2. Choose the appropriate Folio (some situations may require Room and Tax to be charged to folio 8)
  3. Choose the appropriate Room Charge Code (Room Charge codes may vary depending on different PMS configurations)
  4. Note yesterday’s date in the Reference field
  5. Fill in the appropriate Amount
  6. Click OK
Posting the first night's Room & Tax

Looking at the Guest Folio, we see that the posting date for both nights Room and Tax is on August 21st, but in Description for the second posting, we are referencing the first night:

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