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How to tell if a Group, Wholesaler or Corporate Account was Properly Setup for City Ledger Billing

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In this article we will ensure the users knows how to tell if different accounts in your PMS were set up correctly.

The City Ledger Transfer feature only appears on Group, Wholesaler or Corporate reservations that have been setup to bill to a City Ledger Account.  If you do not see this button and are certain that this particular Group, Wholesaler or Corporate Account is suppose to have City Ledger Billing, then the following should be double checked.

GROUPS (Operations -> Groups): For reservations with a Group, ensure in the Group Wizard that:

  • the Folio Number is set to 8
  • the “Bill to City Account” checkbox is checked
  • the City Ledger Account name appears in the “Bill To” field

WHOLESALER/CORPORATE (Operations -> Wholesaler or Operations -> Corporate): For reservations with a Wholesaler or Corporate, ensure the Wholesaler/Corporate Account has:

  • the Folio Number is set to 8
  • the “Has City Account” box is checked
  • the City LedgerAccount name appears in the “City Account” field
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