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Clerk Audits / Cashier Reports

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Depending on the property's operations, each agent may be required to perform an audit of their Cashier Reports. The required information may vary from property to property, and may require collection and audit of any Credit Card, posting or adjustment slips from their shift.

Clerk Audit

The Clerk Audit will detail all postings and payments performed by an agent during their shift. It is suggested that each agent run the Clerk Detail report at the end of their shift, and compile all the necessary paperwork with it. It will then be submitted to the Night Auditor and become a part of the Audit Packet.

To run the report, go to Reports > Cashier > Clerk Detail

Clerk Audit

In the below report we are looking at Pamela's Clerk Report. Pamela should have 1 Cash slip, 3 Mastercard slips, and 5 Visa slips.

At the end of the day, the Night Auditor would do their own Clerk Audit (if they had any postings that day) and then run the All Clerks Report; again the options are to run either the Detail, or the Summary version of the report.

  1. Each Clerk do a Detailed Clerk Audit at the end of their shift, then Night Audit should only have to do the All Clerk Summary Report
  2. Each Clerk just prints the Summary Report, and Night Audit does the All Clerk Detail.

Option 1 is most recommended as it easier for each agent to find their paper work as opposed to the Night Auditor searching for it all at the end of the night.

The All Clerk Summary as printed by the Night Auditor would be as follows:

This Report then gives us a summary of all transactions done that day. This will be the top sheet and all other audits should be bundled together with it and stored in the appropriate file.

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