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How to undo a City Ledger Transfer

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In this article we show how to handle accidental transfers to the City Ledger from the Front desk

If you accidentally transfer charges from a Guest Folio to the City Ledger you have the option to undo the transfer by right clicking on the City Ledger (or Direct Bill) transfer transaction on the Guest Folio and selecting Undo Transfer€. This can be preformed while the guest is In House or after the guest has Checked Out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This function is only available on the SAME DAY that the transferred occurred. If the transfer date has already passed then you must manually reverse the charges off of the City Ledger Account and repost them to the Guest Folio. For more step by step instructions on this procedure please see the, How to Fix Incorrectly transferred Charges to the City Ledger so, please note, reinstating a reservation will no longer take a City Ledger Transfer off a guest folio, the â€Undo Transfer€ feature must be now used instead.

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