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Verify Calendar - Refreshing Inventory Calendar

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While most areas of the PMS are “refreshed” when you log out and log back in, the Inventory Calendar is one area of the system that should be manually refreshed every night. The refresh of the Inventory Calendar in the PMS is referred to as Verify Calendar. As a Best Practice, we recommend running the Verify Calendar for the three months into the future; if you property has booking patterns where people book much further out, you should consider running this for the next 6 months.

Running the Verify Calendar takes your Inventory Calendar a resets everything to zero; The PMS then recounts all reservations to reset the calendar back to the appropriate availability numbers. This report can only be run for a month at a time, so in the example below, we will run this report three different times for the next three months.

NOTE: In order to perform this task, the user must be granted permission "1525-Verify Calendar", found in the Operations list of permissions in the Clerks Module.

To run the Verify Calendar, go to Operations > Verify Calendar

Since the Verify Calendar can only be run for a month at a time, we will need to repeat this process 3 times to run it for the next 3 months. After running each date range, a message will pop up letting you know the results.

In this example, the first date range is September 2nd to October 1st.

The second date range is for October 2nd to November 1st.

The third date range is from November 2nd to December 1st.

The Results

After each date range you run the Verify Calendar for, you will see one of two possible messages come up.

The following message is the most common, and does not require you to take any further action.

The Results

If the following message comes up after running the task for a specific date range, the Inventory Calendar should be visually checked for those dates to ensure there are no oversold nights. If there are oversold nights, the property will need to find an appropriate solution based on how they deal with overbooking situations. Just because this message is displayed, does not necessarily indicate an oversold situation, it could just mean the inventory levels were adjusted.

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