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Room Assignment Calendar (F11)

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In this article we will show how to utilize your Room Assignment Calendar in your PMS.   The Room Assignment Calendar can be accessed by going to Operations -> Room Assignment or by selecting the F11 Function Key on your Keyboard.  The Room Assignment Calendar is a quick & easy way to assign room numbers to upcoming reservations.

When you first enter the Room Assignment Calendar it will appear blank. You must select the date range you would like to view using the “Date from:” and “Date To:” calendar drop down menus and then select “Refresh Grid” to upload the Room Assignment Calendar.

Once loaded, you can see each Room Number under the “Room Column” along with its corresponding Room Type

You may click on the column headers to sort the calendar by either Room Number or by Room Type.

Along the top of the Room Assignment Calendar you have the dates that you selected to view and along the side you have all your Room Numbers & Room Types. The data found in the middle are the reservations that have been assigned to specific Room Numbers for specific dates.Therefore,below , at the intersection on Room 202 and May 26th, we see Res ID 6004.  This means that Res ID 6004 has been assigned to Room 202 on May 26th.  If we look at the legend in the top right hand corner of the screen we can see that this Res ID is “Assigned” to room 202.

To assign a reservation to a Guest Room, click on the “Show Reservations” button at the top of the screen.

A list of all upcoming reservations that do not have a room number already assigned will appear in the list below. (NOTE: You can select the “Hide Reservations” button at the top of the screen to hide the list of reservations below).

There are two different ways to assign Room Numbers to Reservations. One is using the “Drag & Drop” feature and the other is by using the “Assign Reservation to Room” feature.                                                                                                                                                          

DRAG & DROP:Before you begin assigning rooms, first select the “Date In” column in your list below to sort your bookings by arrival date.

Next, decide which reservation you are going to assign first. In this example, we will assign a room to Mr. Brent Forbes. We see that Mr. Forbes is booked into a 2QNL-S Room Type, therefore, we will want to make sure we can see all of our 2QNL-S Room Types in the list above.  NOTE: At the bottom of the screen is a list of Guest & Reservation Notes. It is good practice to review these notes prior to assigning a room number as they may pertain to specific room requests that a guest may have.

Next, look at the Date In and number of nights and find a Room Number that is available for that time period.

Now, click on the reservation in the list below, and while holding down on your mouse, drag the reservation up into the Calendar area where you wish to insert the booking (NOTE: You always drop the reservation underneath the arrival date column)

Release your mouse and the reservation will now appeared as “Assigned” in the Calendar. Also note how the reservation has been removed from the list below now that a room number has been assigned.

Assign Reservation to Room - To use this feature, simply double click intersecting cell of the Room Number and Arrival Date of the reservation you would like to assign.

The “Assign Reservation to Room” box will appear with a list of all reservations that match the Arrival Date & Room Type selected. Click on the reservation that you wish to assign (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the reservation) and select the “Assign” button below.

The reservation will now appear on the Calendar as “Assigned” to that room number.

To view additional information regarding a reservation that is assigned to a Room Number, right click on your mouse while hovering over the corresponding Res ID.

To release a reservation from a specific room number, double click on the Res ID and a message will appear asking if you would like to release the room. Select YES to continue.

Once the room is released, the reservation will reappear below in the list of reservations that need a room number assigned.

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