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How to Adjust a Guest Folio after Check-Out

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In this article we will show how to perform an adjustment to a Guest Folio post Check Out.

After a guest has checked out, you are still able to perform postings, payments, reversals and adjustments as well as print Guest Folios and Registration Cards. The only function that cannot be preformed after a guest has checked out is the “Move” function.                                      

Depending on your computers Window Settings, when you go to the Checked Out View Screen you may not be able to view certain buttons along the top of your screen.

Even though the buttons do not appear, you are still able to perform the various functions within your PMS but using the following shortcuts:

It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember that if you post any charges or do any adjustments/reversals to a Guest Folio after checkout, that the balance must be ZERO before you exit the Guest Folio. If the balance of the Guest Folio is not ZERO, this will result in an Unbalanced Folio which will affect your Accounting Reports.

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