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How to Undo a Check-In

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This article outlines the steps to undo a Check-In.

Undoing a Check-In

If you check a guest in accidentally, you canœUndo the check-in so that they move back to the €œArrivals€ View Screen.

  1. To undo a check-in, first locate the guest reservation and ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the correct reservation.
  2. Next, right click on the reservation and select €œUndo Check-In€ from the menu.
Undoing a Check-In

The Arrivals Screen

The reservation will now appear under the €œArrivals€ View Screen.


  • You CANNOT undo check-in on a reservation once the arrival date has passed
  • You CANNOT undo check-in on a reservation once a charge or payment has been posted to the Guest Folio (this does not count the 1st night room charges that are posted automatically by RoomKey)
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