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How to Move a Posting to a Different Folio Number Within the Same Reservation

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The following article explains the steps required to move a posting between folio numbers on the same reservation. This feature is only available for In-House reservations.

Moving a single Transaction

If a guest requests to have their charges separated onto different bills (ie: Phone calls on one bill and Room Charges on another), you can easily accomplish this using the “Move” function in RoomKey.

To transfer a single posting (ie: charge or payment) to another guest reservation you can:

1. Right click on the transaction and select “Move”


2. click on the transaction line so that the black arrow is pointing towards the transactions and then select the “Move” button at the top of the folio screen.

Moving a single Transaction

Moving multiple Transactions

To move more than one transaction at a time, the “Select” button located at the top of the folio screen can be used. Simply click on the transaction line below and then click the “Select” button to highlight the line in blue. Continue these steps until all desired transactions have been highlighted. You may now use the “Move” button to move all the transactions at once.

Moving multiple Transactions

After the “Move” button is selected, a box will appear allowing you to select where you would like to transfer the transaction.

Select the following fields to transfer the charge to another Guest Reservation:

  • Destination Room – does not apply for this type of move. The destination room should display the same room number as the Current Room number above.
  • Destination Folio – use the drop down menu to select which Folio would like the charge to transfer onto
  • Note – does not apply for this type of move.

Select “POST” to transfer the transaction.

The transaction will now appear on the new destination folio.

Each time you move a transaction, you will have the option to select a new folio number, or use one that already exists.

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