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How to Move a Posting to Another Reservation while In House

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The following article explains the steps required to move a posting from one folio to another on the same reservation, as well as from one reservation to another.

Note: This feature can only be used between In House Guests. Please see How to Reverse/Adjust/Transfer a Posting for options with other reservation statuses.

Moving a single Transaction

To transfer a single posting (ie: charge or payment) to another guest reservation you can:

1. Right click on the transaction and select “Move”


2. click on the transaction line so that the black arrow is pointing towards the transactions and then select the “Move” button at the top of the folio screen.

Moving a single Transaction

Moving multiple Transactions

To move more than one transaction at a time, the “Select” button located at the top of the folio screen can be used. Simply click on the transaction line below and then click the “Select” button to highlight the line in blue. Continue these steps until all desired transactions have been highlighted. You may now use the “Move” button to move all the transactions at once.

Moving multiple Transactions

After the “Move” button is selected, a box will appear allowing you to select where you would like to transfer the transaction.

Select the following fields to transfer the charge to another Guest Reservation:

  • Destination Room – use the drop down menu to select the Room Number of the Guest Reservation where you would like to transfer the charge. NOTE: This list will only contain IN HOUSE guestrooms.
  • Destination Folio – use the drop down menu to select which Folio would like the charge to transfer onto
  • Note – this area allows you to add any additional notes regarding the transfer.

Select "Post" to transfer the transaction.

On the original guest reservation, you see the original posting and then the corresponding transfer. Notice how both have a red arrow next to them to signify that the transaction was moved off of the guest folio.

On the reservation where the transaction was transferred to, you will now see the transaction appear with a blue arrow pointing towards it to show that it was transferred onto the guest folio.

Folio Appearance

When printing the Guest Folio for the guest, if you do not want the transfer to display on the Guest Folio go to Transactions Menu -> Folio Appearance.

Folio Appearance

Check the box next to “Do Not Show Transferred Transactions” and then select "OK"

Select the “Refresh” button at the top of your Guest Folio screen.

The Transferred transactions will no longer appear on the Guest Folio. This method can be used to create a cleaner looking bill for the guest.

Follow the link to read more about Folio Appearance Settings

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