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How to Check-Out a Reservation to a House Account

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In this article we will show how to check out a group reservation to a House Account.  A Group Reservation may be setup to check-out to a House Account. If so, it is very important that the House Account be checked into your PMS prior to checking out any Group Reservations. If you attempt to check out a Group Reservation and the Group House Account has not been checked in, Your PMS will attempt to bill the guest for the charges located on their account.

First, locate the guest you wish to checkout and select the Check-Out button (or select the F6 Function Key) to begin the check out process.


  • Only charges found on Folio 8 will direct bill to the House Account upon checkout.
  • Your House Accounts may be referred to as "Master Accounts" at your property. Please confirm this information with your Manager.

Once the Check-Out button has been selected a box will appear confirming the charges that are to going to be transferred to the House Account. If everything appears correct, select OK to continue with the transfer. If anything appears in the list that should not be routed, simply uncheck under the “Routed” column for that transaction so it will not transfer.

The checkout screen will appear and you can see that the Balance is $0.00 as all charges have been routed to the House Account. Select Check-Out to continue.

NOTE: If the guest had incidental charges that they needed to pay on their own, they would appear on the check-out screen. You would then proceed with the checkout as normal.

After the Check-Out button has been selected you will receive a message to let you know the check out was successful.

The reservation now moves to the Checked Out view screen of your PMS. Here we can see that the Room Charge from Folio 8 has been transferred off the Guest Folio and moved to Res ID 5998 which is the House Account for this group.

If you were to look at the corresponding House Account (Res ID 5998) you would see the charges have been transferred onto this account.

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