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How to Check-Out a Reservation to the City Ledger (ie: Direct Bill)

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In this article we will show how you check out Wholesaler, Corporate and Group Guest with charges that are to be sent to the City Ledger (also known as Direct Billing )in your PMS.

Groups, Wholesaler and Corporate Accounts can be setup prior to check-out so that Room & Tax can be direct billed to a City Ledger Account. When billing is setup properly, the following will occur upon Check-Out.

First, locate the guest you wish to checkout and select the Check-Out button (or select the F6 Function Key) to begin the check out process.

NOTE: Only charges found on Folio 8 will direct bill to the City Ledger upon checkout.

Once the Check-Out button has been selected, the checkout screen will appear. You can see that the Payment Method has defaulted to CITY which indicates that the charges located on Folio 8 will transfer to the City Ledger Account noted in the Name field below.                                                                                                          


  • The Code CITY may be different at your property. It could be called DB for Direct Bill. Check with your Manager if you are unsure.
  • If the Code CITY does not automatically populate into the payment method it is  because City Ledger billing was not setup appropriate on the Group, Wholesaler or Corporate Account. You may use the drop down menu to select the CITY Transaction Code and then use the “Name” drop down menu to select the appropriate City Account.
  • If you are unable to select a City Account from the Name drop down menu, it is because you do not have the Clerk Permission: 1528 – Select City Acct at Checkout. Speak to your Manager if you feel you need this permission.

Next, ensure that the last checkbox over is checked for Folio 8 ONLY and check the corresponding Post Pmt Here box for Folio 8 as well. The Balance located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen should reflect the amount that is to be transferred to the City Ledger. Select the Check Out button located at the bottom of your screen.

If the guest had charges that posted to Folio 1 then they would be responsible for paying these charges on their own. Ensure to select the proper Payment Method below and then select the Check Out button to complete the check out process

Once all folios have been checked out you will receive a message to let you know the check out was successful.

The reservation now moves to the Checked Out view screen of your PMS. Here we can see that the Room Charge from Folio 8 has been transferred to the “Expedia” City Ledger Account and the Phone Call from Folio 1 was paid by Cash.

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