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How to Assign / Block Rooms (Group Reservations with Rooming Lists)

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The following article covers how to assign rooms to group reservations that are part of a Rooming List. This task can be done prior to, or on the day of arrival, and in some cases may be done by the Night Auditor.  Whom this task is completed by and when, will vary from property to property.

For information on how to assign rooms for individual guests, please see the article How to Assign / Block Rooms (Individual Reservations)

Assigning Rooms for Groups

Open up the Group Module by going to Operations > Groups.

Assigning Rooms for Groups
  1. Select the desired Group
  2. Click "Open"

Auto-Assigning Rooms

  • Navigate to the 5th tab, "Rooming List"
  • To auto-assign all rooms in sequence by number, click "Assign all Rooms"
Auto-Assigning Rooms
  1. Rooms will be assigned in order based on room number. In this example, there were no special requests on assignments so this method is fine.
  2. To save the assignments, click "Post".

Manual Assignment

In many cases, there may be certain requirements to room assignments, based on requests by guests or the group coordinator.  If needed, rooms can be assigned one at a time by using the Room # drop-down list, and choosing a room from the list.

Manual Assignment
  1. In the example below, the group wanted all rooms to be assigned on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors, so the assignments were made individually.
  2. Once all rooms are assigned, click "Post" to save the changes.
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