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The following article provides information on Key Cards. Please note you must have an active interface to make key cards within RoomkeyPMS. For more information please contact our support team

A pop up will automatically appear during the check-in process as long as the "Create Key" checkbox is checked on the main Check-In Screen (which it is by default when you have a Key Card Interface). 

If the box is checked, after the guest is checked in, the RoomKeyPMS KeyCard Interface box will appear (example below) 

In this box, the time for the card to expire can be set (it automatically selects the default check-out time set in RoomKey) and the Number of Cards to create.  

The days the card will be valid is based on the Check-Out Date of the Reservation which will be auto populated on the interface. 

It is also possible to grant access to specific Common Areas via the Interface as well (ie:  Gym, Conference Rooms, Spa, etc..) depending on what is setup within the key card interface.  

If a key isn't created during Check-In or another one is needed after the guest has already checked-in, it is possible to access the interface by going to the Front Desk Menu.  There are four options to choose from:

  • New - creates a new card (makes any pre-existing cards inactive)
  • Copy - create a copy card so existing keys still stay active
  • One Shot - creates a key card that can only be used once and then it becomes inactive
  • Read - allows you to read the card to see who it belongs too

Note: Each Key Card Interface has different options.  All have an option for New or Copy but not all have options for One Shot  or Read. 

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