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In this article we will show how to operate the "Rooms Not Available List" in your PMS.  It is a Priority List for guests that are waiting for a clean room to check in.

In the following example, Mr. Pan arrives and his room is not clean (we know it is not clean because the room number is black. Green = Clean/Inspected, Yellow = Clean but not Inspected and Black = Dirty). Unfortunately there is not another room of his room type that is currently clean. By right clicking on his reservation, he can be added to the Rooms Not Available List.

A message will appear notifying you that Mr. Pan’s room number has been successfully added to the Rooms Not Available List.

To view a list of all the reservations found on the Rooms Not Available List, go to Reservations -> Show Rooms Not Available List.

From this screen, you can use the drop down menu up type to view all reservations for a specific Room Type or you can leave the filter at <All> to view all reservations. Here we see a list of all the guests on our Rooms Not Available List. Note that the date & time that the reservation was placed on the Rooms Not Available List appears under the “Date Time Stamp” column.

Throughout the day, as Housekeeping makes rooms clean & inspected within the Housekeeping Module and they inform the Front Desk that the rooms are cleaned and inspected, the Front Desk can refer to the Rooms Not Available List, to see which guest was placed on the Rooms Not Available List first.  

For example, Housekeeping has notified the Front Desk that Room 209 (a 2QNL-S Room Type) is now clean & inspected. The Front Desk may now use the Room Type drop down filter to search for reservations booked into a 2QNL-S Room Type.

In this example, Mr. Pan was the first guest placed on the Rooms Not Available List (at 4:04pm on May 17th) and will therefore be checked into room 209. Click on Mr. Pan’s reservation (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards his name) and then select the “Check-In” button below.

The Guest Check-In screen will now appear allowing you to use the Room Number drop down menu to select Room 209 which is now clean & inspected.

After the guest is checked in, they are no longer on the Rooms Not Available List.

NOTE: Should you need to remove a guest manually from the Rooms Not Available List, simply click on the red X next to their name to remove them from the list.  Your PMS will then ask for confirmation of this request:

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