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Adding an Extra Credit Card to a Reservation

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In this article we will show how to utilize the Extra Cards function in your PMS.  It is used to store additional credit cards on a guest’s folio.

Some situations where you may want to store an Extra Card are:

  • There are two guests staying in one room whom wish to split the bill upon check-out.
  • A 3rd party is going to be paying for the room & tax on the guests account and they have sent a credit card number for the billing (ie: Orbitz, Travelocity, etc…)
  • A  guest wishes to pay for their bill using two separate credit cards (room & tax on one credit card and incidentals on the 2nd credit card)

An Extra Card may be added at the time of reservation, at check-in, while the guest is in house or prior to check-out.  To add an extra card, enter the guest’s reservation (select “Change Stay” or “Change Res” button) and click on the “Extra Cards” button under the Guest Info tab.

NOTE: Extra Cards should only be used when you are adding a 2nd credit card number to a guest account. Therefore, you would always have a credit card under “Payment Method” before deciding to use Extra Cards. Extra Cards should not be used to hold the only guest credit card on file.Once you hit “Extra Cards” the following box will appear, hit “New Card” to enter the additional credit card number.

Enter additional credit card information:

Select the “Save” button to save the additional credit card in the “Extra Cards” field.

To use an Extra Card at time of check-out you must click the “Select from Extra Cards” button:

The following box will appear, click on the credit card you wish to use and hit the Select button below.

The Extra Card will now appear in the Payment Method area:

The same procedure applies when using “Post Payment”. The “Select from Extra Cards” button must be pressed in order to post a payment using the additional credit card on file.

To avoid confusion, the main credit card on file should always be that of the guest whose name is on the account.

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