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Night Auditor Clerk Audit and Cash Drop

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As with all other agents working on a day, the Night Auditor may also be required to run a Clerk Audit as part of their shift closing. If they take in Cash during their shift, they will also need to do a Cash Drop.

Clerk Audit

Because the Night Auditor often works over two business days in the PMS, they may be required to hold on to their paperwork from one shift in order to complete their own Clerk Audit the following night.  

For example, if the Night Auditor is finishing their shift around 7:30am, but is returning at 11:00pm the same night, any required paperwork they have accrued from after the Rollover Time should be set aside until they return that night. They will then include that paperwork in their Clerk Audit, which should be completed before the following night's Rollover Time.

If they are off the following night, and are not returning to work, they should complete their Clerk Audit just before the end of their shift in the morning.

To run the Clerk Audit, go to Reports > Cashier > Clerk Detail

(For more information on Clerk Audits, please see the article Clerk Audits / Cashier Reports)

Clerk Audit

Cash Drops

It is recommended that Cash should always be dropped before the Clerk leaves for the day, and should not be set aside or held until the agent's next shift. A night Auditor may be required to perform two cash drops in a shift, based on the business day they are currently working on.

  1. One cash drop spanning from the start of their shift up until the Rollover Time (Only applicable if cash was taken in during this time)
  2. Another cash drop spanning from just after the Rollover Time until the end of their shift (Only applicable if cash was taken in during this time)

The Shift Reconciliation Report should be run to calculate an agent's cash drop. Go to Reports > Cashier > Shift Reconciliation > choose the current date.

Cash Drops

Shift Reconciliation Report

In most cases, the Shift Reconciliation Report would be printed, filled out by the agent, and then placed along with the cash being dropped into a deposit envelope. The sealed envelope would then be dropped in the safe.

Shift Reconciliation Report
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