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How to Assign / Block Rooms (Individual Reservations)

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The following article covers how to assign rooms to individual reservations. This task can be done prior to, or on the day of arrival, and in some cases may be done by the Night Auditor.  Whom this task is completed by and when, will vary from property to property.

For more information on assigning rooms for a Group Block, please see the article How to Assign / Block Rooms (Group Reservations with Rooming Lists)

The Room Assignment Module

To get started with Room Assignments, open the Room Assignment module under Operations > Room Assignment or F11 on the keyboard.

The Room Assignment Module

Once in the Room Assignment Calendar, click "Refresh Grid" to show all the Room Numbers and Room Types, then click "Show Reservations" to show all the reservations that need to be assigned.

Drag & Drop Assignment

When using the Room Assignment Calendar there are two options for assigning reservations to a room number. The first method reviewed is the "drag & drop" method.

Before getting started, it is a good idea to sort the room number display by "Room Type", and to sort the reservation by "Date In". This can be done by clicking on the column headers. When sorted, the yellow arrow will show next to the header.

Drag & Drop Assignment

When looking at the Reservations, note that the most recent Guest Note and Reservation Note will display, and can be used as helpful information when assigning rooms.

To assign a room, simply click on a name, and while holding the button of the mouse down, drag it up to the appropriate room number and then drop it by releasing the button on the mouse. Note that the PMS will not allow you to assign a room to the wrong room type or dates; this will be indicated by the cursor appearing as a circle with a line through it. When you hover over an appropriate room number and date range for the reservation you are assigning, the cursor will change to a piece of paper, indicating you can assign to that room.

When the room is successfully assigned, it will appear in yellow with the Res ID showing in the grid.

Assignment by Room Number

The second method of assigning a room is to choose a specific room number to assign first.

  1. By double clicking on the intersection of the Room Number and the Arrival Date, a box will appear displaying all reservations that could be assigned to that room, based on the arrival date and room type.
  2. Choose the desired reservation from the displayed list
  3. Click "Assign" to complete.
Assignment by Room Number

The room will now show the reservation assigned by Res ID.

Un-Assigning (Releasing) a room

To un-assign a guest (this can only be done for arriving reservations, not for reservations already in-house):

  1. Double click on the Res ID.  A box will open, asking you if you want to Release the Room.
  2. Click "Yes".
Un-Assigning (Releasing) a room

The Reservation will then reappear in the list at the bottom, and can be reassigned as needed.

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