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Walk-Ins After Rollover Period

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The following example deals with a guest that is staying only one night but arriving after the Rollover Time.

In this example, Ms. Shelley Greene arrives at 4:15am and would like a room for the night. Because it is after the Rollover time we will have to do a Walk-In to the current day, which is August 21st. We will not be able to change the departure date to be the same as the arrival date, as it is not possible to make a reservation for "0" nights in the PMS.

For this reason, it is important to pass on to the Front Desk and Housekeeping that this room will actually be a Departure for today, since in the PMS and on the Housekeeping reports, it will appear as a stayover.

There will be no need to manually post Room and Tax, as the PMS will already have posted the charge upon check-in. The date of the charge will show August 21st, but is meant to represent the Room Charge for August 20th.

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