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How to Check-Out a Reservation with Charge Routing

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In this article we will explain what Charge Routing is and show how this done in your PMS.

Charge Routing is when you have charges setup to transfer from one Reservation to another Reservation. This transfer occurs at the time of checkout. If you have Reservation A setup to transfer room charges to Reservation B, Reservation A must be checked out first. If you check Reservation B out before Reservation A, then the charges will not route to Reservation B.

Locate the reservation you wish to checkout. Remember, you must checkout the reservation where the Routing is setup first. Here you can see that Res ID 5991 has <All> charges setup to route to Res ID 5979. Therefore, we must checkout Res ID 5991 first.

Select the “Check-Out” button at the top of the screen (or select the F6 Function Key)

Once the “Check-Out” button has been selected a box will appear confirming the charges that are to going to be transferred to the other Reservation. If everything appears correct, select OK to continue with the transfer. If anything appears in the list that should not be routed, simply uncheck under the “Routed” column for that transaction so it will not transfer.

The checkout screen will appear and you can see that the Balance is $0.00 as all charges have been routed to Res ID 5979. Select Check-Out to continue.

NOTE: If the guest had charges that were not being routed and that they needed to pay on their own, they would appear on the check-out screen. You would then proceed with the checkout as normal.

After the Check-Out button has been selected you will receive a message to let you know the check out was successful.

The reservation now moves to the Checked Out view screen of the PMS. Here we can see that the charges on Res ID 5991 has been transferred off the Guest Folio and moved to Res ID 5979.

If you were to look at the Reservation where the charges were transferred (Res ID 5979) you would see the charges have been transferred onto this account.

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