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How to Transfer Charges to the City Ledger after Check-Out

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In this article we will show situations were you have accidentally charged a guest upon check-out but their charges were actually suppose to be transferred to a City Ledger Account. For these situations, there are two options to fix the Guest Folio.

  • Option 1 – reverse the incorrect payment on the Guest Folio and use the “City Ledger Transfer” feature to transfer the transactions to the City Ledger.  IMPORTANT NOTE: This option is only available if City Ledger billing was setup properly on the guest reservation (ie: the  Corporate/Group/Wholesaler had a City Ledger Account attached for direct billing). If City Ledger billing was not setup properly, the “City Ledger Transfer” button will not appear on the Guest Folio and you must therefore go with Option 2.
  • Option 2 – reverse the incorrect payment along with all the charges that were suppose to transfer to the City Ledger. Then go into the City Ledger and repost all the charges manually on the correct City Ledger Account. For step by step instructions on this procedure please consult the article How to fix a Guest Folio Charge that should have gone to the City Ledger in the Front Office Manual.

Option 1:

In this situation, the guest was accidentally charged for room & tax but it was suppose to go to a City Ledger Account and the City Ledger Transfer feature is available. The first step is to reverse the payment by right clicking on the payment transaction and selecting Reverse.

Option 1:

Next, select the City Ledger Transfer button located to the right of your screen.

Use the Auto Apply button if you wish to select all the transactions in the list below, or use the Add Transaction button to select specific transactions that you would like to transfer.

You have an option below to transfer the charges to a New Invoice or to transfer the charges to an Existing Invoice (Other Invoice).

Select the Transfer button below to complete the transfer.

A message will appear confirming that the transfer was successfully completed.

The transactions have now been transferred to the City Ledger.

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