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RoomKeyPMS - - August 12, 2020

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Contactless Mobile Checkin

Full documentation on Mobile Checkin Features can be found on our Support Site: Mobile Checkin

Mobile Checkin Complete Indicator

For guests that have completed the Mobile Checkin, an indicator will now show on the Arrival/Reservation/Tape Chart screens => by double-clicking on the icon, a copy of the hotel guest's PreArrival Form will be displayed for printing or saving purposes:

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

When the Hotel Guest is completing the online checkin, they are asked to select their Estimated Arrival Time => this will now display in RoomKeyPMS on the Arrival/Reservation/Tape Chart screens:

ETA has also been added to the Reservation Form in RoomKeyPMS, for reservations that are made by phone.

Text Formatting

Properties now have ability to use text formatting:

Printing/PDF Saving of PreArrival Forms

By right-clicking on a guest reservation that has completed the Mobile Checkin, the clerk has the option to "Print PreArrival Form Report" => in this release, the property can now review all forms that were completed by a guest:  

Additionally in this release, the property will have an option to print or save as PDF, all PreArrival forms for a specific Arrival Date => Reports => Reservation => Print PreArrival Form Report:

Properties now have the option to create a checkin link for a specific reservation => this allows the Hotel Guest to just click on the link, instead of having to enter in their name and confirmation number:<Guest_Last_Name>&confirmation=<ResID>

Required Fields on PreArrival

Email, First Name, Last Name & Phone Number are automatically Required Fields on the PreArrival Form.  RoomKey will now also respect any applicable Required Fields selected in RoomKey under System Configuration => Setup Required Fields.  A * denotes a required field:

Payment Details on PreArrival Form

Clients with a RoomKeyPMS Payments Credit Card Interface will have the option to enable the Payment Details section of the PreArrival Form.  In this area guests will be able to securely enter their Credit Card Number which will give the property the ability to process it further at the Property Level.  Guests will also be given the option, if they do not plan on paying via Credit Card, to identify that they will be paying using an Alternate Payment Method.

Other Enhancements/Updates

  1. On the reservations screens, users can now use the column sort for the icon columns (Shares, Repeat Guest, Notes, and PreArrival Complete Indicator)
  2. Message Center Notification has been updated to match RoomKeyPMS' new design
  3. Issue for chained properties when switching properties are trying to load custom reports
  4. Updated the C/O Time field to use AM and PM instead of 24 hour format
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