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Version - April 25, 2022

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Fullsteam - Reversals, Adjustments & Negative Payments

Currently in RoomKeyPMS Payments Powered by Fullsteam, in order to refund a Guest Credit Card you would right click on the Payment and select "Reverse" or "Adjustment".  With this release you will now also be able to post a Negative Payment as a way to refund a Credit Card.  Please note the following regarding posting negative payments:

  • Reversing a negative payment does not "undo" the refund.  It simply re-charges the guest Credit Card.
  • Negative Payments cannot be processed via EMV devices.
  • Reverse of a negative payment is allowed, however, adjustment of a negative payment is not.  For this reason, the "Adjustment" option will appear as grayed out when right clicking on a refund.  This applies to adjustments in the City Ledger as well.

Other Enhancements/Updates

Transparent Window =>  it was reported that at times that when logging in, RoomKeyPMS would not fully load and would appear as a transparent window.  After some investigation it was discovered that, depending on some various different conditions, that the transparency timer in RoomKeyPMS could change from 100% to 0% resulting in this issue.  The transparency feature has been removed from RoomKeyPMS to prevent this issue from occurring.

Shift4 "** is not a valid integer value" error => if a user attempted to Post Payment + Use Terminal on a previously tokenized card, the Shift4 Interface would appear with the Expiry Date of **/** pre-populated.  If the user then tried to post to the interface, they would receive a "** is not a valid integer value" error.  This issue has been resolved and this error will no longer occur in this situation.

Payment Reconciliation Report grayed out => some properties reported that access to the RoomKeyPMS Payments Payment Reconciliation Report was grayed out even though they had the correct permission to access this report.  An update has been made that will resolve this issue, if a clerk has the proper RoomKeyPMS Payments permission, the report will appear as available.

Wholesaler Max Block Length => effective April 25th, 2022, the maximum length for Wholesaler Blocks entered into RoomKeyPMS will be 6 months.  

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