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RoomKeyPMS - - March 22, 2021

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Mobile Check-Out - Credit Card Integration

The following CC Integration information is only applicable to hotels that use RoomKeyPMS Payments or Heartland at this time. For hotels that use Shift4, the Check-Out CC Integration will be available in a future release.

New Check-Out CC Integration Tab

In the Mobile module, a new CC Integration tab has been added within the Check-Out tab. The new CC Integration tab will offer the following settings:

  • Allow Credit Card Settlement by Guest: click this checkbox to enable a popup window to appear during guest Mobile Check-Out that will allow the guest to settle charges to their credit card.
  • Manually Check-Out Room: click this checkbox to prevent the guest reservation from being checked out after settlement during guest Mobile Check-Out.

When the Allow Credit Card Settlement by guest checkbox is enabled, the Require a Signature checkbox will automatically be enabled because a signature is required for all credit card integrations. You will not be able to disable the Require a Signature checkbox while the Allow Credit Card Settlement by guest checkbox is enabled.

New Check-Out Email Exclusion Rules

In the Mobile module, within the Check-Out tab - Check-Out Email tab, there are new definitions that appear in the Exclusion Rules tab. Exclusion rules are now dependent on whether the Check-Out CC Integration is enabled or NOT enabled.

When the Check-Out CC Integration is enabled, the following billing scenarios are now applicable:

  • Guests with the Split Room Charges Equally setting enabled:
    • Room Charges will be split as soon as the guest selects the first Check-Out button during the Mobile Check-Out process; the split occurs in RoomKeyPMS at this time.
    • The Mobile Check-Out Form will be sent to 1 email address
  • Reservations with Charge Routing:
    • If Group Block Charge Routing is to a House Account and the House Account has not been checked-in, then the Mobile Check-out will not be available.
    • If Charge Routing is between two or more guestrooms, the "Master" room will not be allowed to check-out until the "Dependent" room(s) have been settled & checked-out first.
  • Reservations with City Ledger Transfers (Direct Billing):
    • If no City Ledger is setup or there is not enough Credit on the City Ledger Account, the guest will be allowed to proceed with the Mobile Check-Out
    • After Mobile Check-Out is completed, the reservation will remain In House and a note will be sent to the Message Center to advise the Front Desk Agents that the guest has completed the Mobile Check-Out but there is an outstanding balance on Folio 8 that must be resolved.

New Guest Mobile Check-Out Processes

During the Mobile Check-Out process, the guests Credit Card will appear if it meets one of the following criteria:

  • Credit Card was used for an authorization at anytime
  • Credit Card was captured during Mobile Check-In
  • Credit Card was captured on an EMV device transaction

If no Credit Card appears the guest has the option to select "Enter Credit Card" to add their Credit Card

If a guest has more then one Credit Card on file they can select "Show additional Credit Cards on file" to view all Credit Cards

Credit Card slip information will display on the Signature tab & at the bottom of the Mobile Check-Out Form.

Additional Information:

  • Guests will not have the option on what Folio to settle first - they must settle Folio 1 first, then Folio 2 section, etc...
  • If a Credit Card was authorized at Check-In, during the Mobile Check-Out process if they select that same Credit Card, that authorization will be used to settle the account.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  1. When creating a new corporate account in the Corporate module; if there are missing required fields, an error message will now appear with a list of missing required fields: Name, Telephone, Contact, Street Address, CIty, Country, and Zip/Postal Code
  2. In the Property Dashboard (F1), the Future Reservations Created field will now reflect the number of reservations completed and no longer include reservations in progress.
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