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Version - Sept 5, 2023

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Enhancements to Paperless Check-In => after receiving some feedback from Clients, the following updates have been made to Paperless Check-In:

  • The Mobile Check-In icon on the Arrivals/Reservation View Screens will now automatically update once a guest has completed their Paperless Check-In
  • The Mobile Check-In icon will now appear on the In-House View Screen (previously only the Mobile Check-Out icon displayed)
  • For properties who do not have Auto Print Reg Card enabled, the "Reg Card" button will now be enabled for No Show Reservations so that the Reg Card can be sent to a device prior to Check-In.  This button will only be enabled if the No Show arrives prior to Rollover.  
  • The Reservation Note that states Paperless Check-In (ie: Arrival Check-In) has been completed will only display on the main Guest Info tab if there are no other Reservation Notes present.  The note can still be viewed, however, by double clicking on the Reservation Note icon.

RoomKeyPMS Payment Interface display issue in City Ledger => it was reported that when doing an Adjustment in the City Ledger, the CC details were not populating in the RoomKeyPMS Payment Interface screen.  The adjustment would still process correctly, but would initially cause concern due to the missing information.  This screen has now been updated to correctly display the CC information.

Issue Importing Group Rooming List => an error was reported when attempting to import a Group Rooming List which stated the date format being used was not valid, even though the Rooming List had the correct date format (mm/dd/yyyy).  This issue was related to the Regional Settings of the PC.  An update has been made to allow the import of a Group Rooming List with the correct date format (mm/dd/yyyy), regardless of the computers Regional Settings.

Transaction Register Balance Summary not printing correctly => it was reported that when printing the Transaction Register Balance Summary Report to a printer, the format of the Report was not the same as the Preview.  This issue has been fixed and the printed report will now look the same as the Preview.

Red lining when attempting to modify a Group Reservation => when attempting to change the nights on a Group Reservation using Change Res, RoomKey was red lining resulting in a long wait to modify a Group Reservation.  This issue has been resolved and the red lining should no longer occur.

Mobile Keys page not appearing during Mobile Check-In => it was discovered that if a property did NOT enable Photo Identification for Mobile Check-In that the Mobile Keys page was no longer displaying to guests.  This issue has been rectified and if Mobile Keys is enabled, the page will display weather Photo Identification is enabled or not.

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