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RoomKeyPMS API Version - March 2024

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Reservations Guest Profile Endpoints Modification

The data returned in the dataset is as follows:

  • ShortCode => this is a short code representation of the integration/platform
  • Name => this is the name of the integration/platform
  • ConfirmationNumber => this us the unique identifier for the particular reservation


In the example below, the Confirmation Number for RoomKeyPMS is returned and this reservation was made in iHotelier and includes the Confirmation Number from this platform:

Supported Integration/Platform as of March 2024

Provided below is the current list of integration/platform partners represented in the dataset; this list will change over time as more integration are added or removed:

Expedia EXP
iHotelier IHA
Site Minder SMD
Synxis SYN
Synxis (Legacy) SYN
Travel Tripper TTP
TravelClick TRV
Vertical Booking VBC
Windsurfer WND

iHotelier refers to the iHotelier Advanced Interface while TravelClick refers to the iHotelier Basic Legacy Interface.  Synxis refers to the Synxis Enhanced Interface while Synxis (Legacy) refers to the Synxis Basic Legacy Interface.

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