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Version - May 4, 2022

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Other Enhancements/Updates

RoomKeyPMS Update Message for Version =>   it was reported that RoomKeyPMS produced a Version Update message that indicated the new version was Version  It was discovered that this incorrect version displayed due to a Client's Internet issue.  Steps have been put in place to prevent this message from displaying if the Version picked up is

Changing Dates on Group Client Type => when attempting to change an Arrival Date on a Group Reservation the Arrival Calendar would continuously close while scrolling through the months.  A fix has been implemented so the Arrival Date Calendar will now scroll properly when a Group Client Type has been selected.

Credit Card Receipt Copies 

  • Affected Integrations: RoomKeyPMS Payments and Heartland
  • Shift4 Integration is not affected by this change as there are unique settings for this integration

System Configuration -> Property -> OLP tab -> new "Print Receipts by Default" checkbox will allow properties to disable the "Print Receipt" box on their Credit Card Interface.

  • When this box is checked, RoomKey will continue to Print Receipts as it currently does based on the Receipt copies selected.  
  • When this box is UNCHECKED, the "Print Receipt" box will automatically be unchecked and therefore no receipt will print.  If the Client wishes to print a receipt, they simply need to check the "Print Receipt" box on the interface prior to selecting POST.  The receipt will then print the number of copies selected under the "Receipt Copies" dropdown.

NOTE:  This is a registry setting so it applies per Windows User

Property Master - Katie QA6
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