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Unable to view Mobile Check-In ID Photos or manually send Mobile Emails =>  it was reported with the new Delphi update in V11.0.0.32, that users were no longer able to view ID photos taken during the Mobile Check-In process nor were they able to manually send Mobile Check-In or Check-Out Emails to guests.  These issues have now been resolved.

Viewing Authorized Transactions while in Tape Chart => it was reported that if you selected a guest on the Tape Chart and went to Transactions -> Authorized Transactions, the authorization that appeared did not belong to the selected Guest.  This issue has now been resolved.

Guest Profile Print Folio Email => when going to Operations -> Guest Profile and searching for a Guest Profile, if you then proceeded to the "Stay" Tab and selected "Print Folio", the email address that appeared would be that of the guest you were viewing in RoomKey prior to opening the Guest Profile Module, not that of the guest you just searched.  This issue has now been resolved.

Total Package Revenue adding incorrectly when multiple packages displayed on report => When viewing the Packages Sales by Activity Name Report (System Configuration -> Packages & Inclusions -> Reports), it was noted that if multiple packages appeared on the report, the Total Package Revenue from the 1st Package was being added into the Total Package Revenue for the 2nd package.  This issue has now been resolved and the Total Package Revenue will now correctly reflect the Total for each individual package.  The very bottom Total Package Revenue will continue to reflect the total for all packages on the report.

Inactive Room Types appearing on Room Nights and Occupancy by Room Type Report => when going to Reports -> Statistics -> Room Nights and Occupancy by Room Type Report, it was reported that inactive Room Types were appearing on the Report.  This issue has been resolved and this report will no longer display inactive Room Types.

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