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RoomKeyPMS – – October 2015

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A description of the features, interfaces, integrations and defects for release

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New Features and Improvements:

RoomKeyPMS Enhancements

Complex Passwords

As part of our ongoing dedication to PCI Compliance standards, RoomKey is implementing a new standard for password selection on logins.  Passwords will have to be reset every 90 days and the user will receive warnings 10 days out from expiry.  To learn more about the new Password Requirements - CLICK HERE

Complex Passwords

GDS Confirmation Number

For properties that have GDS/IDS Integrations through RoomKey, there will now be the ability to search for the confirmation number from the GDS/IDS Provider.  Additionally, the feature will display these confirmation numbers on City Ledger Invoices. To learn more about GDS/IDS Confirmation number searching - CLICK HERE

Cancelled Group Report

RoomKey now has the ability to report on potential revenue that was lost from the cancellation of a group.  To learn more about the Cancelled Group Report - CLICK HERE

The Guest Note and Reservation Note fields are a great way for properties to pass on information about a hotel guest.  In this release, the option for printing notes for In House guests has been added.  To learn more about the Print Guest Notes for In House guests report - CLICK HERE

Guest Profile Export Modification

In the Guest Profile area, RoomKey displays an excellent summary of the guest including: total room nights, total stays, average stay length, total Room Revenue, total Reservations, and total Cancellations.  This information has now been added to the Guest Profile Export and can be saved to CSV for statistical analysis. To learn more about the change to Guest Profile Export - CLICK HERE


Booking Code Reporting

Currently in RoomKey when tracking Booking Codes (Promo, Coupon, Corporate, Group) from eRes, the user will typically use Rate Plan reports.  As a new option for tracking production on Booking Code, the “Source of Business” field has been modified to display Booking Codes entered through eRes. To learn more about Booking Code Tracking - CLICK HERE

Business Insights

  1. Revenue Reports have been limited to 2 months - due to the amount of data that is being pulled, longer date ranges were causing timeouts
  2. Under Revenue => Total Revenue by Rate, Packages were displaying as Manual Rate; the “base” Rate Plan used to build the Package will now display
  3. Under Revenue => Total Revenue by Market Segment, Packages were displaying as Manual Rate, thus not using the Market Segment on the Rate Plan attached to the Package; the Market Segment on the “base” Rate Plan will now be used on this report for Packages
  4. An issue where the “Hide Blanks” was not working has been resolved
  5. Under Statistics => Area => if address left empty, report will now say “undefined”
  6. Under Statistics, transfers of Room Revenue from Guest Accounts to House Accounts were being counted as a negative to Room Revenue on the day of transfer; these reports will now ignore transfers.

Tweaks and Defects Fixes:

We have also fixed a number of defects in RoomKeyPMS including:

  1. Since the release of the GDS Linking tables, some new filters have been added to the Rate Linking table to make it easier for the user; refer to the GDS Linking Documents for more information
  2. For those properties with Heartland Payments, the ability to post negative payments has been added
  3. The Guest Notes “box” has been removed from Guest Profile, the “View all Guest Notes” button is to be used from this point forward
  4. If inactivating a Rate Plan in the old Rates area, if there is Multi-Rate set up on the Rate Plan, a message will appear informing the user to remove Multi-Rate before setting Rate Plan to inactive
  5. For properties that use Shift 4 on eRes, if the Travel Agent is set to not require a credit card, a Shift 4 error message would appear; this has been fixed and error message will no longer appear.
  6. API for Revenue Endpoint was counting Cancelled reservations, these have now been removed
  7. Using the Scroll Wheel on a mouse on the view screens, while on Windows 10, was causing Timeouts; the time out is caused by RoomKey trying to load the Guest Folio of each guest.  When scrolling on the view screens, RoomKey will switch over to the Guest Info tab before scrolling
  8. Time zones were added for Australia: GMT +9:30 and GMT +10:30
  9. For the TravelClick interface, phone numbers with blank spaces and addresses sent in 2 separate data lines, will now populate into RoomKey through interface
  10. New Warning message will appear if trying to make a reservation for a guest from guest profile, in which another clerk was in the process of merging that guest profile
  11. On Reports => Reservations => Tape Chart Print, names were getting cut off, this has now been fixed
  12. Reports => Reservations => Reservations by Check in Date, this report is only to run for future dates, for reservations that have not checked in as of yet; modified the date selection so that past dates could not be selected
  13. Some Countries listed did not have capital letters at the start of the name, this has been addressed

Hot fix - October 9, 2015

  • For properties with Credit Card interface (Shift 4), card swipe on new reservations was selecting CASH as payment
  • Scrolling through reservations, while on Guest Folio Tab was causing red-lining in system.  Now when scrolling, the system will switch over to the Guest Info tab before scrolling
  • For the GDS confirmation number search, access will now be given to all clerks and not just the clerks that have the GDS Linking permission

Hot fix - October 15, 2015

  • For properties with Credit Card interface (Shift 4) Receipts were all printing as American Express
  • For properties with Credit Card interface, Credit Card swiping could not be used in Sundry Sales, this has been fixed

Hot fix - October 27, 2015

  • For properties with Heartland Payments, there was an issue with duplicate postings caused by Network Communication errors; measures have been taken to not allow a second posting should there be a communication error during the process

Hot fix - October 29, 2015

  • This release was to add a new field to an existing Interface that 1 client is using; this update will not effect any other properties

Hot fix - November 6, 2015

  • For those properties using Chip and Pin through Shift 4, an error message caused by the tokenization of expiration date has been resolved
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