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RoomkeyPMS - April 13, 2022

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RoomKeyPMS Payments

RoomKeyPMS Payments - Adjustments in City Ledger

When adjusting Credit Card payments with RoomKeyPMS Payments, the adjustment must be performed on the original Credit Card transaction. In this release, the adjustment option has been added to the City Ledger module (adjustments were previously available on the guest folio side).  For more information on Adjustments in City Ledger - CLICK HERE

RoomKeyPMS Payments - Payment Reconciliation Report Expand/Collapse

The Payment Reconciliation Report now offers expand/collapse options, for a more seamless interaction with the report.  For more information on the Expand/Collapse feature - CLICK HERE

RoomKeyPMS Payments - Payment Reconciliation Report Printing/Exporting

Properties will now have the ability to print the Reconciliation Report or Export to CSV.  For more information on the Print /Export feature for the Reconciliation Report - CLICK HERE

Other Enhancements/Updates

Transaction ID in Credit Card Info =>  For Fullsteam Integrations, the Transaction ID of a payment can now be viewed by right clicking on the payment and selecting Credit Card Info.  The Auth # and Transaction ID are also now new controls which allows the user to select the text to copy.

RoomKey2 Team Sprint Darkman 2022 Taskboard - Boards - Google Chrome

Invalid Card Type associated with Transaction=> it was discovered that if a Card Type (ie: VISA) was selected when using the Post Deposit feature while creating a reservation but the Card Number entered was for a different Card Type (ie: MC), the transaction would process correctly on the Processor side (ie: as a MC) but would post to the incorrect Transaction Code in RoomKey (ie: as a VISA).  This issue has now been resolved.

Removing Clerk Permission 322 - New Reservation still allowing New Res Add-On to be used => a bug was reported where if Clerk Permission 322 - New Reservation was removed it was still allowing users to create a New Res Add-On by going to the Reservations Menu or by right clicking on a reservation.  This bug is now resolved and users without Permission 322 will no longer be able to make a New Res or a New Res Add-On.

Add Error Codes to Fullsteam failure messages => when a transaction fails with the Fullsteam Interface, the failure message (ie:  Transaction declined due to expired card) will now include the corresponding error code (ie:  54:  Expired Card).  This will allow properties to better troubleshoot failures without the need to reach out to Support.

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Previous Processor Cash/Cheque trying to reverse/adjust to CC =>  when trying to reverse/adjust a Cash/Cheque transactions in RoomKey that was done while the property was on a Previous Processor, RoomKey was prompting the Client to enter a Credit Card Number.  This issue has now been resolved.

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