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Version - April 17, 2023

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Mobile Check-In Enhancements

Based on the analysis of guest behavior, using Google Analytics, improvements in usage and workflows have been made to the Mobile Check-In process.  From these changes, we expect to see an increase in completion of Mobile Check-In for our properties. For an overview of Mobile Check-In pages - Page Modifications Released on April 17, 2023

GDS Confirmation Number

An update has been made to the GDS Conf # area found on a Guest Reservation under the Guest Info Tab.  This field is now a button that allow Clerks to view all GDS Conf #'s associated with a reservation.  In the example below we have a reservation that was created on and assigned the Confirmation # 11122233355.  This reservation was then sent to Synxis via our Two-Way Enhanced Interface and assigned the Synxis Confirmation # 10005SYN15610.  With this update we can now view both Confirmation Numbers associated with this reservation where previously we could only see one.

Reservation - NEW

Other Enhancements/Updates

RoomKeyPMS Payments 2.0 Prepaid Credit Card bug => it was discovered that during Check-In, if a Client attempted to authorize a Prepaid Credit Card and then opted to turn the authorization into a payment, if a Partial Payment was approved, the full amount was displaying in RoomKey.  This issue has now been fixed and the correct partial payment amount will now display in RoomKey.

Available Clerk Permissions not displaying for New Clerk => it was reported that after creating a New Clerk in RoomKey, if you went to Permissions and attempted to view the "Available" permissions, nothing was appearing.  The "Available" permissions only appeared if you exited & re-entered the Clerk Module.  This issue has been fixed and "Available" permissions will now appear when viewing immediately after creating a Clerk.

City Ledger Post Payment Reference Information => when posting a payment in the City Ledger, if any information was typed in the "Reference" field, it was not saving on the posted Transaction if it was processed via a Credit Card Interface.  This issue has now been resolved.

Search by Address  => entering an address into the "Address" field of the Advance Search Module (F3) was not displaying the correct results.  This issue has been fixed and Clerks can now search for a reservation by Address.

Rate Adjustment History Tab => an update has been made to the old Rates Module under System Configuration -> Rates.  Previously, the Adjustment History tab would load one month of data when selecting.  The tab will now default to today's date and it will be up to the user to select the dates they wish to view and select "Refresh" to load.

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